Tricky Madness is an upcoming arcade snowboarding game with a focus on speed and big air inspired by classics like SSX and 1080. Race down the mountain, explore secret areas, catch big air and perform Uber tricks.


Development on Tricky Madness began in August 2022, led by game developer Nathan Dearth. He set out to create his dream—a spiritual successor to SSX and love letter to arcade snowboarding fans. Nathan envisioned a game that not only paid homage to the beloved classics but pushed the boundaries to deliver the ultimate modern arcade snowboarding experience that fans have waited decades for. He started as a solo developer but has now put together a talented team to help bring his vision to life. The development process has been a labor of love. Tricky Madness isn't just a game, it's the manifestation of passion, a testament to the dedication of a team determined to fill the void of arcade snowboarding games.


  • Land tricks to earn letters, spell Tricky and unlock Uber Tricks. Uber tricks require specific combinations to perform. Tricks with longer combinations earn you more points!
  • Grind on rails for extra points and do Uber grinds once your Tricky for even more points!
  • Build your combo by landing high point tricks and keep it alive with board presses.
  • Find the best lines to either score more points or get the fastest times. From hidden halfpipes to tunnels and caves, each track has plenty to offer.