Tricky Madness

Tricky Madness is an upcoming arcade snowboarding game with a focus on speed and big air inspired by classics like SSX and 1080.

Points = Boost

Build up boost levels by scoring points from tricks and grinding. Upon landing, unleash a powerful boost for a limited time based on the level you've built. Frequent tricking is the key to enhancing your speed for a thrilling ride!

Uber Tricks

Build up your Tricky meter with spins, flips, grabs, and grinds then perform Uber Tricks and Uber Grinds to really score big.

The Superman, The Worm, and The Butt Slide Grind are just a few of the many Uber Tricks you can unleash as you style on everyone.

Combo Multipliers

Board presses keep your combo alive between jumps and rails.

Extra points earned from combos are held in a separate counter and are completely lost if you wipe out. Manage the risk element as you tear it up on the slopes.

Track Design

Branching Paths

Branching Paths

Find the best lines to either score more points or get the fastest times.

Secrets & Shortcuts

Secrets & Shortcuts

From hidden halfpipes to tunnels and caves, each track has plenty to offer.



Hit side rails, jump between paths and get creative for endless fun.

More Features

8 handcrafted standalone maps each with hidden surprises and experiences
A dedicated campaign mode set on an open-world mountain with secrets and collectibles.
8 fully voiced characters with their own backstory, personalities, and snowboarding tricks.
A voiced in-game DJ commentator, hyping you up as you make your way through the game.


Maya character art


A talented freestyler from Korea with a fierce competitive streak and a love for extreme tricks. She's an aspiring K-Pop star and already has quite the following.

Ryan character art


A young up-and-coming snowboarder from Colorado with a laid-back personality and killer style. His favorite genre of music is Trap.

Jamal character art


A street racer from New York with a gift for improvisation and a love for urban-style riding. He worked in stage production while making a name for himself in the extreme sports world.

Jamal character art


A veteran rider from Japan with lightning-fast reflexes and a love for gold medals. Over the years she has taken on a few proteges but none have lived up to her impossible standards.

More characters coming soon

Coming Soon

More characters coming soon.